The Wilderness Road – a guide to one of Sweden’s most beautiful roads

The Wilderness Road in northern Sweden is beautiful. One of the most beautiful roads we have here in Sweden. And I can’t believe it took me so long to finally drive it, but now I have and I can’t wait to go back for more adventurers there!

The Wilderness Road starts in Strömsund (Jämtland) or in Vilhelmina (Swedish Lapland) – it all depends on where you start your roadtrip. If you decide to drive the whole route and start and end in the same place, it will be around 500 kms. When I visited with Kenny, we did the stretch from Strömsund to Vilhelmina and that is 370 km. The road is one of Sweden’s highest roads and it will take you over the Stekenjokk Plateau between Swedish Lapland and Jämtland.

We originally planned our trip for 2-3 days. Not a lot of time really, but that’s all we had. In the end, we ended up only having one full day to explore. That meant we had to prioritize about where to go and what we wanted to see. And if you like nature and waterfalls like me, then one day is most certainly way too little time.

Two nights and one full day

Our first stop was Hällingsåfallet. It’s just before Gäddede, which was where we spent our first night. We arrived when the sun started to get low and the light wasn’t the best, but still so beautiful.

The next day we drove between Gäddede and Vilhelmina and visited waterfalls and old sami church towns. Even if you’re short on time, you’ll still be able to see a lot. But I would definitely recommend at least a few days here. Maybe even a whole week so you won’t feel rushed.


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