I’ve traveled through different regions in Latvia during two different roadtrips campaigns in partnership with The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and NordicTB – a collective of professional travel influencers based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland that I am a proud member of.

The original idea of doing a roadtrip in Latvia, exploring some of the lesser known places, was mine. It actually all started as a pitch for a contest that I won with my roadtrip idea. But instead of travelling alone, I worked together with Lelde and NordicTB to create a full campaign.

The first campaign took place during September 2016 and was very successful which is why LIAA wanted to create a second campaign during May 2017. AirBaltic was also a partner for these campaigns and in total I’ve produced eleven blog posts from both trips.

We’ve worked with Helena through the NordicTB collective. She’s a very talented photographer and produces truly eye-catching content. Her blog posts are very thorough, well-researched and structured.

We’re also pleased to see Helena is trying her hand at video which proves her dedication to the blogging profession, interest in developing her skills and growing her audience.


Articles from the #LatviaRoadtrip campaign